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Open Board Digital Temperature Controller 5R7-570

Open Board Digital Temperature Controller 5R7-570 Announced

Xinmeiya Technology is a distributor of Oven Industries in the PRC.  Oven Industries features a new electronic temperature controller with easy-to-use software.

The 5R7-570(A) RoHS compliant open board electronic temperature controllers are specifically de-signed with a proportional integral control algorithm to provide the most precise control to thermoelectric modules (Peltier) at the most economical price. The H-bridge temperature control provides a seamless transition between heating and cooling eliminating dead spots. Green LED for heat and blue LED for cooling indicate mode and simultaneous illumination indicates the load circuit is off due to an open sensor. Pulse width modulation controls the power level in the thermoelectric module at a base frequency of 1Khz. Power resolution is one of ±250 steps in the load circuit control.  This small package temperature controller 1.75" x 3.5" X 3" with input voltage: 6 to 28VDC, Output Voltage: 0 to 36VDC, Load Current 0.1 to 12.5 Amps, 450W output power control, control stability: ± 0.1°C and temperature range of -20 to 150°C.

·         Universal AC Input 

·         Isolated Power Supply

·         PC Programmable

·         RS232 Communication Port

·         Setup via operator interface or serial link GUI

·         Non-Volatile Memory

·         Set temp range determined by thermistor type

·         Open Circuit Protection



Display Model 5R6-576: 4 digit LED temperature read out

(A) with remote set temp pot and knob with dial scale

Temperature Sensor


Oven Industries supplies custom electronic temperature controllers and sensors that serve an array of clients, from aerospace, automotive, biomedical, defense markets, medical and semiconductor.  From industrial temperature controllers to programmable sensors, Oven Industries creates many detailed and customized solutions for clients, designed by an expertly trained staff of engineers.

For more information about the 5R7-570 controller, visit  our website.



Hugo Hong
Xinmeiya Technology.