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5R1-1400 AC Temperature Controller


New AC Temperature Controller 5R1-1400


Xinmeiya Technology is the exclusive distributor of Oven Industries in the PRC.  Oven Industries features a new AC Temperature Controller with easy-to-use software and data retrieval capabilities.

Xinmeiya Technology announces the new 5R1-1400 AC Temperature Controller with the integrated potentiometers or via a PC through the TTL level UART Communication port. This compact design measuring two and one half inches square can deliver up to 15 AMPS of load current from a zero voltage switched, low noise solid state relay. Operator safety is achieved with 1KV of AC line power isolation for the communication port and sensor input.  Specifications: Input Voltage 85 to 265VAC 50/60Hz, temperature resolution 0.1°C and Ambient Temperature Operation -20° to 70°C. 



·         Universal AC Input

·         Integrated Potentiometers for Set Temp and PI Control

·         PC Programmable Set Temp and PID Control

·         TTL Level UART Communication Port

·         Set Temp Range Determined by Thermistor Type

·         Open Sensor Protection


·         USB to TTL Interface Cable Model # OI-TTL-CABLE

·         Flange Mount Model # 5R1-1400FL

·         Temperature Sensor


Oven Industries supplies custom temperature controllers and sensors that serve an array of clients, from aerospace, automotive, biomedical, defense markets, medical and semiconductor. 

From industrial temperature controllers to programmable sensors, Oven Industries creates many detailed and customized solutions for clients, designed by an expertly trained staff of engineers.

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